Our Staff

Work at the school can be demanding, exhausting, stressful, addicting, and fulfilling beyond description. The majority of the teachers have been with us for at least 15 years—a rarity, especially in the world of early childhood education. Many have devoted themselves to the life at The Meher Schools for over 20 to 25 years. And a number of our teachers are themselves graduates of The Meher Schools.

Nearly all of our elementary school staff have earned standard teaching credentials. Some have Montessori credentials. Nearly all preschool staff have the required 12 units in early childhood education; some have 24 units, equivalent to a master's degree. Others have master's degrees in early childhood education. Some have teaching credentials.

Susie Kohl, the director of the preschool, is the author of numerous articles and books, including The Best Things Parents Do. She is a mentor director through Diablo Valley College (DVC), offering mentoring and assistance to other preschool directors. Barbara Boyan, preschool teacher, is a mentor teacher, enabling aspiring preschool teachers from DVC to do their student teaching in our classrooms. We also have student teachers in our elementary school from local credential programs.

The majority of our staff have come to teaching after one or two other careers. As a result, they bring a myriad of talents and experience to share with the children. From puppeteer to fashion designer, psychologist to nurse, waitress to actress, police woman to social worker, environmentalist to Green Beret, dance teacher to rock star—the teachers are a bright collage of life's professions.

The Meher Schools teachers share similar beliefs in how children should be treated and educated. Meher Baba's principles of love and service are at the core of our school. All our teachers, regardless of their personal beliefs, gladly join us in putting those principles into action.

Our work together offers us continual opportunities to practice Meher Baba's principles in daily life and the privilege to serve with joy and pleasure those entrusted to our care. When our children go out into the world, we feel that each of them will affect the world around them like a pebble that has been tossed into a pond. Eventually, the widening rings radiating from this small pebble reach the whole expanse of the pool. Meher Baba said, "True love is unconquerable and irresistible. It goes on gathering force and spreading itself until eventually it transforms everyone it touches."

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