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Programs at The Meher Schools

Preschool Program

The White Pony program is a structured preschool program. We maintain five preschool classrooms. We prefer teaching children in larger, mixed-age groups with a high teacher-student ratio because it easily simulates a natural environment with younger and older siblings and the special relationships that are engendered. The emphasis is on developing and encouraging little children to experience happy interactions with their companions and their teachers. The children's day is filled with music, art, dance, and nurturing. They learn to focus on tasks, complete what they start, put things away, and clean up after themselves. They experience the joy of being able to do these things. While we have incorporated many of the principles and materials developed by Maria Montessori, we have created a curriculum that is uniquely our own, rising out of the shared talents and interests of our remarkable preschool staff and of the children themselves.

The White Pony division of the Meher Schools participated in the online conference sponsored by the California Teachers' Association (CTA) in 2010. The link to the presentation, as one of the Shining Examples of early education, is "". Please note the numbering sequence embedded in the presentation, and click on "view all previous posts" so you may view the presentation in its entirety. The presentation includes photos and video clips of the White Pony.

Elementary School Program

Our elementary school begins in kindergarten and extends through fifth grade. Here, the classes are also large, ranging from about 23 up to 37 students in a class. We have two to three teachers in each classroom. We also have a school art teacher, science teacher, and librarian. The children receive a high quality academic education. We strive to support each child's efforts individually. We integrate the arts to complement and stimulate academic education. Children receive one hour a week of art classes and scheduled library time.

Enrichment Programs

We offer afterschool enrichment programs through our Explorations program. Current courses present a wide range of subjects that include art classes, drama, cooking, embroidery, knitting, crafts, music, touch typing and word processing, physical education, video production and editing, chess, and two children's choruses. Listen to songs by our children's chorus.

Summer Programs

We offer summer programs for our children in preschool through our graduates entering sixth grade. Although our school remains open year round primarily to meet the needs of children of our working parents, summer school continues to attract many of our other students as well.

Drama Camp

The Drama Camp is an especially popular program with the students. It is also popular with our graduates who are in high school and college and who make up the faculty under the leadership of our professional staff. One exceptionally fun aspect of Drama Camp is the inclusion of mixed-age groups, opening the door to sweet, supportive relationships between the younger and older students.

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photo of student
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