Noah's Ark

The fifth grade play in 2007 was The Ark, which was written and originally staged at the school by Beatrice Terry, a former White Pony teacher who is now a producer, director, and playwright in New York City. "Miss Bea," as her preschool students used to call her, is assistant director of the Broadway play Spring Awakening, which won eight Tony Awards in 2007, including Best Musical. The Ark is about learning to live and work together harmoniously, and projects a positive message of hope and change. This message is exemplified in this rousing number from the play, "Building the Ark":

We are the seeds of a brand new world,
the new world that is to come,
sowed in hope,
rained in laughter,
warmed with light,
and ever after,
growing toward the One
and blooming flowers of love,
and now we're...

Working together to build a future,
sailing away to a brighter day,
joining our hearts and hands together as one.
Now He has given you
something that's a joy to do,
and brother, building the world is one!.

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