Homework at The Meher Schools

"Homework" is another of those controversial educational topics. How much? What kind? How often? What for? At The Meher Schools, we begin giving homework in kindergarten. We wish to make homework, or school work at home, fun, pleasant, and enjoyable so that children will naturally want to do it and find joy in the process. We want to create the habit of doing homework. It is also a way for parents to know what children are learning in class, to see what children know and don't know and what they might need practice doing.

Most young children relish the idea of bringing work home from school. We give homework every night, including Friday. We ask that children complete the work and bring it back the next morning. Beginning in kindergarten, children are not penalized for not bringing their homework back but instead are complimented when they do complete the work. We hold up each piece of completed homework and say something nice about it. "What a beautiful letter A." "You used lots of colors in your drawing."

We suggest that the Friday homework be done on Friday, rather than leaving it until Sunday evening. This pattern begins to create the habit of doing homework consistently and it helps children avoid the habit of leaving things until the last minute. (Perhaps you remember your projects and papers that you wrote in high school on Sunday night until the wee hours of the morning…..).

Young children need your help to create the structure for doing homework. Here are some tips:

When children graduate from The Meher Schools, they will find that homework really counts heavily in determining their grades. If you have encouraged them to complete homework through fifth grade, they will have excellent skills that will serve them throughout their school careers.