From Our Graduates

This year, I hope to respond to many heartfelt questions that parents ask about the core values and philosophy of The Meher Schools and about parenting issues in general. Our 30th anniversary year gave us the opportunity to present our values and the work we've done together in many ways. The most stellar and satisfying of all was our celebration, in which so many parents and friends gathered together to present a perfect day.

Part of our celebration preparations included a questionnaire sent to as many of our graduates as we were able to locate. The response was excellent. We'd like to share a few of the responses from our alumni…they say it so well. The following responses are all by former students who are in college and beyond and are in answer to the question:

How did The Meher Schools prepare you for the road ahead?

"I believe that The Meher Schools is a unique place in the world. To me, it was an ideal world, isolated, as any school is by its nature, and a happy place, populated by chance and design by a unique type of people are who reverent and compassionate by nature, and who see their work as more than simply a job to be done."

"I think the loving environment of The Meher Schools helped me to develop a critical mind that is able to identify the injustice in our world today. I remember learning specific lessons on how to treat others, through the kind words of the staff. I feel that the compassion and genuine concern of the teachers was instrumental in laying the foundation for my expectations of how people should treat one another."

"By being respected as an individual, I was able to become independent at a young age. I had the confidence to believe that I could accomplish anything. I also learned values that most kids do not learn in school: honesty, respect for others, patience, and accountability for my own actions."

"It gave me a great foundation in education and got me thinking about how I learn. I developed lifelong friendships and was encouraged to be reflective and compassionate."

"I was prepared very well in many ways—particularly the foundation of values that I received there learning about different cultures and time periods. The personal caring support I received gave me a sense of self esteem and knowledge that I can achieve in life."

"The Meher Schools gave me confidence in myself, in my ability to accomplish and explore new things. A loving push in the right directions, it was a good way to start."

"The Meher Schools teaches people how to treat people the RIGHT WAY. This is far and away the most important thing I took from the school."

"The most important things I took from my time at the school was consideration for others. The overriding theme of love and friendship at The Meher School ends up running through you whether you are aware of it or not. At some point in your life it will surface and you will be a better person for it."

"Planted the seeds of caring for the world around us, looking beyond appearances, and reaching out to other hearts."

"I think the school encouraged creative modes of "being" which I see to be a unique resource in my professional and personal life."

"Not much, just helped to establish my whole values system!"

"Attending The Meher Schools taught me to have an open heart and mind to new experiences and people."

"Not only did classes at The Meher Schools prepare me academically for junior high and beyond, but the wonderful teachers there instilled in me the values of community, cooperation, harmony, beauty, intellectual curiosity, and creativity."

"Well, in entering public school it was extremely helpful to know that something else existed, that yes, schools that encouraged learning and love are indeed possible. That early encouragement taught me how to learn, I suppose, which has been invaluable, wisdom being the only jewel that can't be stolen."

"Working with my personality and helping it blossom!"

"It gave me a solid foundation of support and love and high expectations. Exposed me to the arts. Gave me family and community."